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Vacation Week Trading FAQ'S

Q) Do I have to join Vacation Brokers to use their services?

A) No. Unlike the other major exchange companies, there are no mandatory membership fees to trade through Vacation Brokers.

Q) Does Vacation Brokers offer any type of Membership?

A) Vacation Brokers markets vacation club memberships for use in high season with no internal exchange fee, reduced upgrade fees etc. For those that wish to travel in high season to Europe, the Caribbean, Orlando Florida, and Ontario Canada, this is your ideal way to save. Check out our vacation programs by contacting our sales department.

Q) Where can I trade with Vacation Brokers?

A) To almost any timeshare vacation club resort in the world, but we specialize in over 400 resorts located throughout Mexico, the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Q) Can I deposit my week with Vacation Brokers and save it for a later trade?

A) Yes. Vacation Brokers will save your week for up to one full year. There is no fee for your first year of banking. The first year you only pay a trade fee when you later place a trade request and your request is completed to your satisfaction.

Q) How do I make a trade with Vacation Brokers?

A) Simple. Tell us what you are giving up and what you want to trade into. There are no fees unless we can confirm your request to your satisfaction.

Q) Can I request a trade into a larger unit than what I own or for a higher demand season then what I own?

A) Yes, but remember, trading is based on like value. If you give up a unit that sleeps four in high season, that is what you are entitled to. Vacation Brokers allows vacation owners the flexibility of requesting a larger unit or a higher demand season and paying a upgrade fee or maintenance surcharge depending on the vacation membership held by our customer.

Q) Can Vacation Brokers rent my timeshare week?

A) Probably not because of current laws. Vacation Brokers represents the owners at several first class properties. Owners can list their units for rental themselves, to interested renters. Vacation club membership should never be purchased as a rental investment, and rarely will a vacation owner make a profit on renting their unit, but renting can be used to help offset some of the expenses of owning when the owner cannot use their week.

  • 1. Plan well in advance - 6 to 12 months is best if possible.
  • 2. Deposit your week for trading even if you're not sure where you want to trade.
  • 3. Be flexible. Give us a few desirable options for location and vacation timing.
  • 4. Avoid requesting a holiday period unless you are giving up a similar period at a different resort or you are entitled to such through your Vacation Brokers membership.
  • 5. Be sure Vacation Brokers has your correct daytime phone and fax numbers.
  • 6. Vacation Brokers will assist you with complete trip planning including, car rental, add-on cruising, etc. when the trade is completed.
  • 1. To be eligible to trade, all maintenance fees, etc. must be paid for the time traded.
  • 2. "Depositing" means saving your Use Week for a later trade. Vacation Brokers must be able to use your week in order for your week to be considered "deposited." When Vacation Brokers can confirm use of your week, written confirmation will be sent to you and must be confirmed by your resort that we have exclusive use of your week.
  • 3. Trades are arranged on a space available basis. Vacation Brokers cannot guarantee fulfillment of specific trade requests. A successful trade meets two requirements: a) Your unit can be used, and b) an acceptable destination can be confirmed for you.
  • 4. Trade fees are assessed on a per week basis and will be returned in full if Vacation Brokers cannot complete an acceptable trade or if the request is canceled by you prior to confirmation. Confirmed trades are final.
  • 5. Trade fees: Internal (back to your home resort) Exchange - $200.00 External (outside your home resort) Exchange - $200.00 US. or $200.00 Canadian Dollars
  • 6. Your week may be traded up to one year prior to your time, or deposited and taken up to 1 year after your time and/or year of usage. You may extend use of a Banked week for a second and/or third year by writing to Vacation Brokers and paying a $89.00 extension fee four months before the deposited week expires for each extension to be vaild.
  • 7. You are responsible to pay any expenses incurred/missing items/damages caused by you or your guests while staying in your trade unit/
  • 8. All trade agreements are exclusive. You will be charged the cost to re-accommodate any guest who is denied use of your traded unit. Vacation Brokers liability for any loss or damage arising out of the Vacation Brokers trade program is limited to the trade fee paid by you.
  • 9. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. All effort was made to compile accurate information. Vacation Brokers assumes no responsibility for errors and omission of data herein.

Vacation Brokers offers personalized exchange service to over 400 properties. Any timeshare or Vacation Club owner is eligible to use Vacation Brokers.

No Annual Membership Fee
Vacation Brokers has no mandatory membership fee required to trade.

Most Desirable Vacation Spots
Vacation Brokers has the most desirable vacation locations from Europe to Australia.

Over 19 Years of Service
Vacation Brokers is a leader in vacation trades, resort and villa rentals and resort management. This Trade Directory is designed to assist you with selecting a vacation trade. We'll also make any other travel arrangements you will need. Visit our Contact page to see the best way to get in touch with us.

Internal Exchanges for only $200.00 Canadian unless vacation brokers contract terms state otherwise. Trade back to your home resort. For Vacation Brokers members your trade fee is NIL.

External Exchanges for only $200.00 Canadian unless vacation brokers contract terms state otherwise. Trade outside your home resort. We have confirmed exchanges at over 400 resorts and have personally visited just about every one. Vacation Brokers also deals with resorts not listed in the Directory. If we're unable to get you your trade, you pay us nothing.

An upgrade is defined as:
A stay during a season that is more desirable, or in a unit that has greater occupancy, than one you own. An upgrade should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Fees start at $210.00 per upgrade depending on variables of season, unit, availability and reservations lead time. Vacation Brokers members start from $150.00 or Vacation Brokers has waved such fees by contract terms with their vacation members. Limited availability.

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