Vanessa Paradis’ Boyfriend Is A French Millionaire

resizedimage300473-cwgossip1-1Don’t feel too bad for Vanessa Paradis. She’s found love on the rebound — a French millionaire

Some people thought that the French actress and singer would disappear from the spotlight once she broke up with the Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp after a 14-year old stable relationship. But they were wrong- Paradis is now more confident than ever, and had the courage to appear topless, boldly smoking a cigarette, on the beaches of Corsica.

Now Depp’s ex has proudly demonstrated that she’s not even single anymore – in fact, she’s dating, and she’s dating a young French millionaire Guy-David Gharbi, the owner of Usinedeco, the French Ikea. The two met on a flight from Los Angeles to Paris and after spending some time together in the Caribbean in St. Barths and the Bahamas. They spent quite a bit of time in quiet restaurants recently, and have made it known that they are a couple.

Depp seems to be okay with her new counterpart. He actually gave her access to his house in Plan de la Tour in the south of France, telling her that it would always be her home, too. She has already spent a week there with Guy-David after a trip on his yacht Vajoliroja in Saint – Tropez. And Paradis was overheard to say she might be spending time on Depp’s private island in the Caribbean.