Trade Ins and Updgrades

There is nothing better than a Clubs of Distinction, Vacation Brokers membership, and the flexibility that it offers. Many have tried to imitate us in the past, but none have been able to offer our friendly customer service and experience in fulfilling your dream vacation.

We are currently accepting other club memberships and timeshares weeks as a trade-in towards a Clubs of Distinction, Vacation Brokers membership. A golden opportunity to join our growing family, to save money and travel to desirable locations.

Let us show you by upgrading and trading in your existing product, our benefits in better fulfilling your holiday needs. No more internal exchanges to pay, no more exchange memberships to pay, no more prepayment of maintenance fees on future banked fees, no more color code worries, no more dealing with several companies to fulfill your holiday requirements, no more worries over property taxes and improvement assessments.

It costs you nothing to check out, our benefits, to see how we can save you large sums of money, yet still give you that quality vacation that you deserve.

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